Hi Betsey! I wanted to thank you for my beautiful ring. My boyfriend proposed to me on Christimas Day and I absolutely love looking at this beautiful ring on my finger! Thank you very much!


My boyfriend asked me to marry him with one of your rings. Just wanted to say that I really love it! So happy with it! He did a great job because it completely matches my personality! So: Thank you. 


Thank you so much for your beautiful and unique jewellery. They're such a wonderful reminder of our wedding day. I remember worrying, if The Audrey Ring would be impractical for daily wear, but it is so soft and delicate, it hasn't been any problem at all. And of course, I was more than thrilled to wake up to the Aspyn necklace as a morning gift. We really appreciate the speedy delivery and excellent customer service.


The rings have safely arrived and we are very happy with both of them. The designs are absolutely stunning - we love the structured surface and the rings have a very "handmade" feeling to them (in a good way!). Thank you so much for being so timely. 


Everything went just perfectly. The parcel arrived as scheduled. Many thanks to you for the professional organisation, handling and the beautiful ring, which is even more beautiful in real life. It wasn't easy for me to have this commission over this distance only by mail. But it turned out great. So again, thank you.

I trusted Betsey for the engagement ring I gave to my lover and it was the best choice! Very kind, accommodating and attentive, very different from the big jeweler who wants only your money. We build together a beautiful story and without hesitation she will be present in the following step for alliances. Thank you Betsey, your work is amazing!


I just received the Audrey ring, and it is so beautiful. I was unsure about the size of the stone and the thickness of the ring band, as I had not seen the ring "live". It is just perfect! I have butterfiles in my stomach, when I think of the fact that I will be wearing it for the rest of my life - and be with my husband. Thank you so much! And also thank you for your excellent customer service. I am overjoyed with my purchase.

I absolutely love my ring! Thank you so much for making my dreams come true!

Farrah is stunning. Betsey’s work reminds me of the type of beauty in new love.

The Betsey Sook White Diamond Dream Ring: Love! That’s my engagement ring!

I just received your package - nicely wrapped, everything was perfect. The ring is very, very pretty. Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure working with you, let's talk again, when our wedding date is set.

I think the Stella Mermaid Ring in amethyst is my favourite. (...) They’re like dewdrops, set in sunlight, for your fingers!

I love the Sally Ring with white quartz, absolutely beautiful and would be a treasure for life! (...) I love jewellery that is quietly confident, that you need to pay attention to admire, love it!

I am torn between the Christina and the Audrey! All of the rings are just gorgeous! I think my one word to describe her work would be: balanced. As a designer myself I realize how hard it is to stop designing and let it be.

My favorite is the Farrah mermaid ring with the green amethyst. And I think a lovely word to describe this beautiful collection is “coquettish.” They are simply elegant, without gaudiness; but they have a little flirty color and modern shapes!

I am over the moon! Just got the most wonderful set of earrings, I am so excited about them, and my husband is very pleased as well. Thank you so much, they are like two precious pearls, gracing my life.

The Luella ring makes my heart flutter. This line is so authentically elegant!

I love the Grace Mermaid Ring the most!!! It’s so simple, yet personal.

Karen Y.
My hand totally feels naked without my new engagement ring! Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and concern. You are so wonderful to work with! And I've been getting tons of compliments on the ring as well ;)

My most favorite piece would have to be the Josie. I truly value jewelry that I can wear every day, and this ring would stack and blend beautifully with my grand-mother's wedding band, and my mother’s anniversary band, I do not go a day without. As simple as it may seem, her pieces are lovely in the truest definition, perhaps the most classic term for beauty.

So dazzling and bright in such a simple way.

My favorite has to be the Stella because it reminds me so much of this ring my grandmother always wore and I loved. It’s tough to describe the perfectly simple beauty of Betsey’s jewelry in one word but I’d go with “lovely” even if that is quite a boring word I think it has a classy connotation.

I am so happy with both of my Betsey Sook - Poetic Jewelry rings. I wear them every day. Martin and I are honored to work with such a talented designer. Martin's ring is so cool and me: I never thought, I was a diamond girl, but now… I am. Thank you.

The Audrey Shimmer Ring with diamonds and rose quartz is stunning. It’s perfect for the girl who doesn’t need a huge diamond to show she is loved. The Audrey ring speaks to true beauty and the clean, beautiful lines of nature. I love it!

Oh my word. I love these rings. I don’t have a diamond ring, just a wedding band, by my own choice, because I have never found any that I liked... until these. I think I have a three way tie between the Audrey, the Lucy and the Christina. Ahhh. Because I have never been so moved by diamond jewelry before, my word to describe is one-and-only.

Totally in love with the Grace Ring! Betsey Sook’s jewelry in a word is ELEGANT but I can also say it is sweet and delicate – perfect for every girl.

The Sally Ring is absolutely my favorite piece, although the Farrah and Audrey rings are a very close second and third. I feel a sense of restraint, reflection, and quiet elegance in all the designs.

All the rings have their own special quality. I absolutely love the Josie ring.(...) It is an essential piece to wear, admire, and to present to someone you adore and cherish!