"Betsey’s work reminds me of the type of beauty in new love."
– Lana Rose

The truth is, certain things should always stay the same. Take the champagne bottle, for example. Altering its voluptuous shape or depriving it of its signature “pop” would make the world a tad more monochromatic. Or what about the ballerina’s tutu? Would bold, black polka dots add anything of value to the equation? Edgar Degas would be appalled. Certain things are just meant to be a certain way. As an artist, you ought to know when your work is done and when to let it be.

And that’s how we saw things when bringing our Lili Montparnasse Flower Bud Diamond Earrings to life. We designed these adorable diamond earrings on an oak table to the lyrical tones of Claude Debussy.

Balanced, beautiful, precious and a little bit playful. Some women have even called our Lili diamond earrings “coquettish”.

At Betsey Sook, we admire longevity, and the Lili Montparnasse Flower Bud Diamond Earrings are your go-to earrings for whenever you want to feel polished, poised and pretty – without looking like you tried too hard. The perfect gift from a person you love. A new treasured heirloom from Betsey Sook.

18K solid yellow gold. Two brilliant cut solitaire diamonds. Full specifications can be obtained by emailing us. Handmade & ethical.

Our Lili Montparnasse Flower Bud Diamond Earrings can be cast in white gold. Diamonds come in customised sizes and carat weights. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you would like a bespoke version of these darling diamond studs. We would be delighted to hear from you at contact@betseysook.com.

All Betsey Sook pieces come beautifully packaged and perfectly showcased for a proposal or special occasion in a white, glossy logo box.

Ready-to-ship: One pair is in stock and ready-to-ship within 2-3 days.
Custom sizes: Up to 8 weeks.

Stay true. Be unique. Buy things that last.