• Image of Lena: Reverie Ring w. cushion-cut white diamond (18k white gold)
  • Image of Lena: Reverie Ring w. cushion-cut white diamond (18k white gold)

"I love the Scandinavian influence in her designs — my favorite word for them is “gentle.”
— Hannah

A lovely diamond ring. Just the right size. Classically elegant and stunning - but not unnecessarily loud.

Betsey Sook diamond engagement rings is all about "tasteful sparkle." Subtle, sophisticated, quintessential European.

True love is pure, precious, uncomplicated & unique - just like a Betsey Sook ring.

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See the Lena Reverie Diamond Ring up close: Betsey Sook Instagram.

18k white gold with cushion-cut white diamond and brilliant cut white diamonds. The cushion-cut center diamond comes with a renowned diamond certificate. Full specs. can be obtained by emailing us. When you choose fine jewelry from Betsey Sook, you buy diamonds from a certified diamond grader with a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America.

Would you like our Lena Reverie Ring in bespoke diamond carat sizes? That is possible. Don't hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you at contact@betseysook.com.

We stand for quality, consistency, reliability and a pleasant working environment. At Betsey Sook, nothing is mass-produced. All of our pieces are made to order and crafted by hand according to each individual customer's size and preferences.

If you prefer our bespoke design service in which your engagement ring is created from consultation to final piece, you should expect a delivery date of 3-4 months. This will allow us a relaxed timescale to work together to delineate your wishes and create the perfect piece for you.

Stay true, be unique, buy things that last.